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Soon to be a hit show, enjoy the most popular southern gothic book series to come out of the deep south since To Kill a Mocking Bird. Written by literary genius Theodore Beaulieu, a 7th generational rootworker and spirit conjurer. Below, along with the books, Mr. Beaulieu has decided to make much his ancestoral power and knowledge available to the public. Along with wonderful books that will take you deep into corrupt 1920’s Deep South, Theodore wants to allow his readers the WHOLE experience of the south.

Anywhere south of the Mason Dixon Line is Hoodoo/Voodoo country, a deeply secretive spiritual path that has been the bases of survival for most African Americans for centuries. Deeply powerful and life changing, Hoodoo is a spiritual movement that has caused slave revolutions, straighten broken backs, as well as protect so many from the claws of racists murderers. On this site, right below, is your opportunity to experience the life changing power (mojo) that Hoodoo can bring to any life. Enjoy the Gris-gris, different types for different ‘Life Affairs’ will be added from time to time, so please check back or contact Mr. Beaulieu via email.

With his beloved books, Mr. Beaulieu takes his readers deep into the world of 1922 Jim Crow where racism, sex, love, mystical powers, murder and intrigue flow like dark sweet mollasses.

Headed by two half brothers; one Creole (Black) the other Cajun (White), Ben and Slick are a die-hard sexy bloody blend of outrageous supernatural powers, charisma, bravery, rage and tenderness. While go about their business as hired killers, Ben and Slick stumble upon a land grabbing case that will expose the horrid racist underbelly of South Carolina as well as several other states. The further the brothers get in discovering clue after clue, sometimes in-between the legs of wanton well-heeled lady friends, taking the reader further and further into a hot dangerous world of sex and mystery, their world becomes more and more mystical and even more dangerous!

Both being natural shape-shifters, only after a sensually erotic meeting with a would be female immortal enemy, Ben and Slick’s immortal powers take on deep southern racism and bigotry, all as they meet other allies helping them along the way.

As other mysteries bubble up to the surface, murder and magic take hold as Blood Brother Chronicles gathers more and more lofty characters into its unique style of descriptive storytelling, spinning a dazzling literary web of historical fiction, fantasy and pure imagination.

Below you can buy the infamous books everyone everyone is talking about, as well as Gris-Gris (Hoodoo spirit mojos) personally cultivated by the famous folklorist.

PLEASE do not share copies, and as always, leave us a review. We do this for yall and we love all of you!

Thank You for your wonderful support!

Enchanted Joy - Joie Enchantée

Cultivated with Deers Tongue, Valerian and White Willow Bark, wonderful spirit work for our LGBTQ family
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🌈Enchanted Love🏳️‍🌈✨ is a particular Gris-gris much like Celestial Love, but cut with 4 additional special herbs cultivated to help LGBTQ+ individuals to help with internal love, as well as external love. That means forming a loving bond with yourself, as well as helping you to find love around you.

We live in a world that can be divisively harsh to people that don't necessarily fit into a preset cultural/ sociatal dynamic.

But that is who we are as Queer people-we're not meant to fit in, but inspire change and growth throughout humanity.

This beautiful Gris-gris makes this process rather easy and much more comfortable, all while surrounding one with a charged energy of attraction and love as well as self love.

With energetic overtones of protection, a rather smooth energy that grows and embraces you (Mandrake, Blue Vervain and the POWERFUL Valerium root), you're swept into safety and calm.

This is coupled with a second barely felt overtone of euphoric balance and gentle sensuality (Dried fig, Calendula,Peach Blossoms, Sweet Violet,etc.)

The undertone is another protective energetic energy, supplementing your aura (Vetiver and Rue roots)

Like Celestial Love, this is a beautiful spirit, but with much more spiritual protection for your spirit and person.

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