Blood Brother Chronicles – A Movement

Soon to be a hit show, enjoy the most popular southern gothic book series to come out of the deep south since ‘To Kill a Mocking Bird’.
Written by literary genius Theodore Beaulieu, a 7th generational rootworker and spirit conjurer, Mr. Beaulieu takes his readers deep into the world of 1922 Jim Crow where racism, sex, love, mystical powers, murder and intrigue flow like dark sweet mollasses.

Headed by two half brothers; one Creole (Black) the other Cajun (White), Ben and Slick are a die-hard sexy bloody blend of outrageous supernatural powers, charisma, bravery, rage and tenderness. While go about their business as hired killers, Ben and Slick stumble upon a land grabbing case that will expose the horrid racist underbelly of South Carolina as well as several other states. The further the brothers get in discovering clue after clue, sometimes in-between the legs of wanton well-heeled lady friends, taking the reader further and further into a hot dangerous world of sex and mystery, their world becomes more and more mystical and even more dangerous!

Papillon Noir

Cultivated with Astralagus root, Jatanansi, Mothers Wort and Sweet Violet, this energy is the WOW behind power!
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With an undertone of power that is subtle and comforting, this hand-made
gris-gris has an overtone of mystery and velvet cool sense of mastery.
While most Sacred Serpent gris-gris energies are felt up front,
easily sensed and expressed, the mysterious spirit of the Papillon
Nior feels as if she is soley a patron behind the veil.

And this is her magic, a cunning that allows you a subtle
but distinct view behind the velvet rope of the spirit world,
a knowing that surrounds you as a spiritual being, creating
a confidence and prowess in all that you do.

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Both being natural shape-shifters, only after a sensually erotic meeting with a would be female immortal enemy, Ben and Slick’s immortal powers take on deep southern racism and bigotry, all as they meet other allies helping them along the way.

As other mysteries bubble up to the surface, murder and magic take hold as Blood Brother Chronicles gathers more and more lofty characters into its unique style of descriptive storytelling, spinning a dazzling literary web of historical fiction, fantasy and pure imagination.

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