Product Branding

When asked what Product Branding actually is, I alays respond with this one statement,

Product Branding is the heartbeat of any product, what it wants to communicate to the potential customer. Think of your favorite brands without their trademark logos and image; Coke with the swirl or the coke bottle shape that has been famous for over 90+ years, Nike with the swoosh, McDonalds without the golden arches. You can’t really see these products without their trademarks – that’s product branding done right.

Now that’s a pretty generalized answer concerning branding but it works and it the truth. Our modern society understands branding, its apart of our societal DNA across the world. That being explained, I always come across smaller companies that have no idea how important branding is to their company.

Below are a few examples of a current branding based project I’m working on.

Nervana Treats – Relax Your Mind & Body

Nervana Treats is a CBD line I’m developing with Gina Robinson of FemalePrenuer Magazine. There are a lot of creative aspects o this product branding so I’ll break them down one by one. The stark white background is to promote a more ‘trusted’ energy, a calming look especially since CBD is still experimental in a lot of minds. I also wanted get ready of the stigma concerning CBD and its close association with THC.

Now lets break down the primary design components. One way I wanted to illustrate that the product has CBD oil is a illustrated, stylized drop insignia. That key insignia has a genetic drawing added to it, denoting CBD. Gong forward, this simple dynamic graphic maybe used alone as a sleek ‘visual trigger’ to customers that future product contains CBD.

For the logo, Gina wanted a lush luxurious look that was classy and sophisticated but simple. This is when I did more research and found a very obscure sanskrit symbol that represented peace and healing. I broke the symbol down even further into a stylistic gliph. Recreating this now logo, I used an embossed 3-D gold look.

The end result is a logo that sleek and sophisticated.

In a lot of the promos, because of the stigma that goes with this type of products, I wanted a more ‘natural wholesome’ energy so I read the ingredients and provided visual components detailing natural succulent produce placement. This pushes the ‘all natural’ agenda of this product.