Blood Brother Chronicles

The Deep South Has A New Tale To Tell
( Supernatural – Action & Adventure – Fantasy / Americana historical folklore – *Demo Ages 17 – 65+ / Mature Content/ )

Blood Brother Chronicles is a story based on the story of twenty-six year old Benjamin Beaulieu and twenty-five year old Henry ‘Slick’ Igasho, half brothers and criminals reared up in the deep south of America in the 1920’s. Conned by a colorful black street madame, Big Mertle, to break one of her family members out of jail, in a hope to save the young man from being lynched, Ben and Slick are charged with stealing land deeds as well. This is when everything gets odd, as the very deeds Benjamin is meant to steal, are burned in the middle of the police station while everyone slept during the night. Instantly curious, especially after scouring over the charred remnants, discovering an old map on each remaining deed, Benjamin and Slick slowly discover that their little ‘do-good deed’ for a friend is about to turn into something much bigger. As the Blood Brothers delve deeper into a mystery, based on actual events in and around much of the southern states at that time, as well as discover that they are both extremely powerful demi-gods.

This is the ‘marque’ project of Black Snake Productions, and is currently being shopped around to major networks for various development deals. Hoping to RE-attach the wonderfully charismatic artist, Christian Kane (Slick Skate-Blade) as well as the outstanding brilliance of Jesse Williams (Benjamin Beaulieu) , this brilliant, mystical fantasy driven take on Jim Crow and 1922 racism in the Deep South is sure to be a tour-de-force, a show many will be talking about for years to come.

This production is based largely on the books by acclaimed folklorist and spiritual trendsetter Theodore Beaulieu, visit our store to by his wonderful books to get a deeper grasp of this exciting project

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