Upcoming Projects From BSProd

Thanks so very much for your interest in Black Snake Production. We are a small production team with heart and major talent.

Listed are current projects on our roster. If you are interested in any of our properties (s), please send us a formal LOI (Letter of Interest) as well as how your interest(s) can benefit the inquired project (s). For your information, our key projects are Blood Brother Chronicles ( Supernatural – fantasy/ Southern Americana historical folklore – *Demo Ages 17 – 65+ / Mature Content/ ) and 3014 A.D. (Science fiction / inspirational – *Demo Ages 18 -65+/ Mature Content) Both have been pitched to major and indie studios as well as known individuals in the respected motion picture community in and around Los Angeles as well as some studios in England and Australia.

Both projects have a lot of momentum behind them; research, books, podcasts and merchandise.

Allow us to thank you for your interest in Black Snake Production, we hope to hear from you and or your esteemed representatives as to how we can forge a brilliant creative partnership.

Might we also suggest the books that inspired the brilliant Blood Brother Chronicles – simply click the STORE link for both highly enjoyable E-books .

Thanks Again.

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