Apparel Design

Hello Everyone, this is Theodore Beaulieu, founder of Black Snake Productions. When not conquering tinseltown with Blood brother Chronicles and 3014 A.D. , I’m doing something I’m even more passionate about, helping others be successful with dynamic design and collaboration. I provide production, apparel and branding design, your in-house design house.

Below are but a small example of fashion based clients I’ve had all over the world. This is also apart of my creative talent, I hope many of you that did not now about this aspect of my creative career, are inspired to be just as multi-faceted. I enjoy being creative, but it makes me extremely happy when I’m apart of the process in others success. This is my reason for living.

‘This Is My Home’ campaign – Brazil

Le’Nubian Magazine – ‘Skin We’re In’ campaign

This was a project created for a Paris magazine called Le’Nubian. Wanting to create digital fashion designs to go along with their fashion articles, Le’Nubian was a magazine that centered around fashion and politics concerning french Africans. These presentations were for Fall 2019, a great way for Seaki Ashe’ to present our new apparel line. With sultry colored silk boucle fabrics, leathers and luxurious faux furs and skins, this presentation explored color,texture,draping and silhouette.

Espejo Nelson – Vintage handmade designer denim