Joseph Abu At Your Service

When Good Deeds Turn On Their Head, Expect The Best

( Comedy/Drama/LGBTQ– *Demo Ages 17 – 65+ / Mature Content/ )

Jospeh Abu’s boyfriend has just cheated on him for the very last time. Heartbroken, the gay American 20ish self described ‘rehabed twink from hell’ has had a string of horrid romances as well as deeply disturbing self destructive behavior and it all has to stop if young Joseph is going to stay sane.

After an outrageous exit from his prior relationship that includes the destruction of his ex’s famed Scooby Doo keepsake collection, a largely comical screamfest as well as a bulldog dyed pink, Joseph finds himself in Queens with barely no money, in front of a seedy motel. Given a break by the owner, a kind Indian American woman with an eye and heart for talent, Joseph Abu is hired on as a, of all things, an interior decorator and part time housekeeper. This is when young Joseph’s life takes on a new comical turn.

In every room of the seemingly seedy motel seems to be a comical personality unto themselves; a reclusive amazonian sized 40ish woman who desires to be the next Wonder woman in Hollywood, an aspiring female rapper with very little self confidence, a brilliant pajama donning narcoleptic astrophysicist that blames his malady as the reason he can’t become an astronaut, as well as an unusually affectionate woman who dotes on her strange hairless dog as if a small child.

Always a good listener, all while whipping the seedy motel into tip top shape for a major competition, Joseph soon finds that each of the strange characters are very much him, each person broken in a way he can deeply understand. As Joseph goes about listening and healing, many times producing gut-busting or tear jerking moments, he slowly starts to find self worth.

From taking on Brooklyn gang members so that his new rapper friend, ‘Hydia The Beast’ can finally stand up to her abusive stepfather to going to the first Wonder Woman fanfest with Valerie to show them that she is apart of a greater community, Jospephy Abu At Your Service is a comical healing salve, showing that we all have value and each of our lives, no matter how strange, can be a source of inspiration for someone else.

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