Son of Manhattan ( New Amsterdam 1609)

In One Of The Oldest Cities In America, Ancient Family Grudges Mean For New Bloodshed.
( Supernatural – Action & Adventure – Fantasy / Americana historical folklore – *Demo Ages 17 – 65+ / Mature Content/ )

Designed and promoted as a modern day spin-off of The Blood Brother Chronicles, based on age old folklore concerning the early years of Manhattan Island when first discovered by the Dutch, The Sons Of Manhattan – Blood Territories / Volume 1 starts out in present day Manhattan.

The cosmopolitan city, unbeknownst to millions through the centuries, is secretly governed by four powerful families of immortal witches and warlocks; the Beaulieu’s, Manhattan Indians, powerful elemental witches and warlocks, the true original inhabitants of the Island, govern mid-town, up to 173rd and Broadway as well as Queens and some parts of Brooklyn. Henrique Van De Berg is head of a brood of powerful immortal warlocks and witches originally from Amsterdam.

Henrique’s uber rich family rules all of lower Manhattan, most of Brooklyn, as well as large parts of New Jersey, now a spiritual hub. Henry Bentaub is a former slave,  an immortal that heads some of the most powerful Obeah practitioners in the Northern hemisphere. He governs Harlem with the Beaulieus, all of the Bronx and BronxVille, some parts of Brooklyn and the Northern most tip of Manhattan. 

These territories have been fiercely protected by each family for over three hundred years and for good reason. Each territory is the bases of each immortal family’s powerful magic and immortality. But it is the 21st century and times have changed. Old prejudices and racist beliefs have gone to the wayside, along with concerns  about age old beliefs concerning magic. Under the constrains of modern change, territorial wars being fought to the death out of the eyes of mortals,  Eriq Beaulieu meets Sophie Van De Berg on a blind date. The two have no idea they are on opposites sides of an ancient rivalry and fall head over hells in love. A love that threatens to not only destroy all of Manhattan, but old immortal tribes in Europe and Asia. 

The Sons Of Manhattan – Blood Territories / Volume 1 is a vast magical, paranormal look into race and politics, old histories of Manhattan and America as well as how love, coupled with strength and courage, can truly change the world for the better or worse.

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