The Shield

When Evil Is Everywhere, Where Can You Turn?
( Supernatural / Mystery /Horror – *Demo Ages 17 – 65+ / Mature Content/ )

Harry Jenkins is about to retire from the NYC Bronx Precinct 41. Called to a rather strange investigation, the stone heart but lovable hard drinking detective is stunned at what he finds. Looking down to an eviscerated body, the detective soon sees a lot of evidence that shows that this particular investigation may have something to do with the dark side of occult practices.

Leaning into the case further and further as the days go on, Harry also notices that his dreams are becoming darker, more horrific, even sadistic, always centered around one single ghostly figure. Couple this with a series of ritualized murders that center around prepubescent girls and boys in and around the Bronx, the soon-to-be retired cop starts to have reservations about his new case.

About to give up on the case and call it quits, the skillful detective suddenly befriends a young homeless man of which seems to have a strange gift. He always knows when the next child murder is about to take place, even down to the exact location. Quickly suspected by Harry, the hapless but powerful psychic is suddenly and cruelly killed right as he is about to give the indentity of the person responsible for the child murders. Harry soon understands why as his old force seems to turn on him, old colleagues and friends now his mortal enemies.

Delving further and further into the investigation alone because of his suspicions, Harry is soon introduced to a Puerto-rican female cop, a santero and witch known as a bruja in her native country. Together Harry and Eza make several strange discoveries about the child murders, all of which lead right back to a group of murderous corrupt cops. As time seems to run out for Harry and Eza, others corrupt cops closing in, strange events start to happen in their lives; Harry’s apartment is set on fire even though the doors were locked, he nearly drowns in his bath tub as an unseen force pushes him into the bath water, Eza’s grandmother and sisters are killed suddenly as they grocery shop by a car that had no driver, all events that seem so supernatural, the fact they happen defies all Harry knows about the world.

That is until Eza’s spiritual godfather gets involved, giving Harry a charm that lets him see the world as it truly is. Suddenly, the once hard-nosed bullheaded cop is center in a world where angels and demons can clearly be seen, and as he as Eza sees them, they see him even more, putting the detective and his partner in a world of intense supernatural danger.

With demons everywhere and angels picking sides, Harry and Eza take on a legion of malevolence so profound, there seems to be no one to turn to but each other.

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