Sunset Over Bangladesh

A Man Finds Himself And Home, A Whole World Away
( Action & Adventure / Mystery /Romance – *Demo Ages 17 – 65+ / Mature Content/ )

Danny Neuman Jr. is a troubled news person. A known and infamous reporter for the New York Times, Danny is ready to end it all. With a disasterous divorce behind him, deeply in debt, along with a young son that hates him, the famed news hound feels as if his life has no meaning.

About to end it all, right after he downs sleeping pills and scotch, Danny’s slowly labored attention comes across an online article as he waits to die. Suddenly he rises o the bathroom, forcing himself to vomit, arriving back at his desk to read more about an article. What Danny reads seems to give his life meaning, looking into a face so beautiful, he is gobsmacked. As Danny reads more and more into the article, is awe expression suddenly takes on a look of concerns he comes across a CCTV video.

The badly degraded video, probably taken by some back alley camera, shows what looks to be a young woman in distress. As Danny watches in horror, the young woman is suddenly surrounded by what looks to be 7 other men. Suddenly the video goes black and the reporter is left looking at a dark screen, suddenly looking for more and more information online, Danny is up all night.What he finds enrages the reporter.

The young woman was from a wealthy New Delhi family, refusing to marry a man she was matched with because of tradition. From what Danny can find online and his New York Times connections, the local authorities feel the woman’s murder was some twisted honor killing set up by her own father.

Having an idea, finally utilizing some of his vacation time, Danny ties up some loose ends, getting stone cold facts about connections and important persons still on the case half way around the world. With that, the reporter is on a plane. Driven by none other than the haunted beauty of an innocent slain woman, the courageous newsman arrives in New Delhi, ready to investigate and solve this woman’s horrid crime as well as teach the west about the destructive and dark practices of honor killings.

Coming upon dead end after dead end, Danny is given the spare tip, one of which leads him to Bangladesh. This is when Danny meets the slain woman’s family, share in their heartbreak in the most unexpected ways as well as find redemption and value for his own troubled life, surrounded by an ancient beautiful culture that inspires him to no end.

But all is not well, the victim’s father wants to secretly have Danny killed, a fast paced, edge-of-your- seat cat and mouse chase that could be the end of the reporter.

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