Blood Brother Productions – Kelly Anne & Sally Mae – Sisterhood Forever

Kelly Anne is a rich bitch, something she is very happy to claim. Though deeply kind and loving to all that come across her path, especially those that need her help, the bleeding black heart maven is a sucker for the under dog, especially her spirit sister and best friend, Sally Mae.

Content in their friendship as well as their often cynical sassy ways of seeing their lives, everything changes when Kelly convinces her best friend to do the unthinkable. Sally ends up murdering a woman single-handedly responsible for the horrid lynching of her favorite uncle some years before.

Now on the run, especially when a rather smart and spiritually gifted Detective Schwerner comes snooping around, Sally and Kelly makes way even deeper into the segregated south, discovering new aspects to their friendships, dabbling with new spiritual powers, all as Schwerner digs into Kelly’s mysterious pasts, as well as the deaths of her seven ex husbands.

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