Blood Brother Chronicles – Slick SkateBlade

– Slick Skate-Blade One titled The River, it’s been five years since The Blood Brother Chronicles came out. With a plethora of amazing characters, each powerful and human in their own right, Slick stands out for fans. I think one of the reasons why this character stands out is obvious, he’s molded after an actor so smoldering good-looking, his fans have been known to be gob-smacked at meet and greets. But that just covers the physical, a character modeled after an actor, though not common, is blue print for disaster for the author. One of the reasons why such is not done often, fans are rabid about their celebrities. Any misplaced phrase and or maligning situation or literary arch and the writer’s reputation is gone and the books will be slammed. But I took that chance because Slick was worth it.

To be honest, I had no choice, and this comes out in the stories. Another reason Slick is loved is bc he is the big brother (kid brother) that everyone wants. He’s loud, loyal to a fault, kind and loving but he will kick your ass, maybe even kill you if to protect who he loves. He is man in a world of  boys pretending to be men, a man that lives by a code that honors dignity and brotherhood above all. Slick has flaws, some that make many of us angry at him. But he’s honest about who he is and we love him for it. 

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